MSU Denver HSI Task Force- Family Guide to enrollment

Co-designed by Nadienka Cisternas and Thelisa Gaines

In order to help MSU Denver become a Hispanic Serving Institution by 2018, achieved by 25% of full time students declaring their ethnicity as Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, or Chicano. After interviewing staff working with our targeted demographic, as well as personal feedback from first generation students in our own class, our team decided to create a print and animated guide that catered to families of students who may or may not be familiar with the US education system. We wanted to create a design system that was friendly and approachable. 

The print guide corresponds with a short animated video that walks families through the process of enrollment. The guide is double sided: one side in English, the other side in Spanish. The animated guide is just in English right now, but both prototypes will be further developed by MSU Denver staff members, and possibly myself, this summer. The portion of the visual work I contributed the most heavily to is the illustration of the roadrunner, the background, writing the copy for the guide, serving as the communication liaison between university staff and our team, as well as recording the soundtrack, selecting music, and executing half of the animation as well.  

HSI Family Guide Panel 2.png
HSI Family Guide Panel 3.png