Performing at the Great Shout 2017



I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.

Audre Lorde

After spending eight years as a museum professional interfacing with designers to develop ads, recruitment materials, and web portals, I realized I was more interested in designing than managing volunteers. Despite working full time, I committed my free time to art over the years: apprenticing for a figurative sculptor, creating knitted electronic installations, and always drawing. While returning to school was a radical change, the decision to study design was a natural transition.

 Capturing the character of the client and leaving an audience with a targeted conceptual message are my greatest strengths as a designer. An avid researcher, I analyze a design problem through the lens of understanding the history of the issue, the needs of the targeted audience, and the desired outcome for the client. Through design, I hope to continue to strengthen my community by education through art and effective design that motivates the public. 

 A clown at heart, I love the humorous and the unexpected. Being transported to another moment in time, creating an experience. My greatest design influences are Mark Mothersbaugh, Gary Panter, Victor Moscoso, Jessica Walsh, and Robert Smith of The Cure. Each of these designers/artists utilizes color, whimsy, humor, and irony to create a universe the respective viewer or listener is welcome to participate in.